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Director Welcome

Welcome to the Institute of Educational Leadership (IEL), University of Malaya.

Today, the challenges of being a leader are great but so are the rewards. Those leading within an educational context have the chance to make a difference to change the lives and life chances of young people, for the better.

At IEL we work as a team. We firmly believe that leadership is not a position, it is a privilege.

Our prime goal at IEL is to be a centre of excellence in research, teaching, professional development and consultancy. At IEL, we prepare educational leaders, at all levels, to inspire and to innovate. We develop leader who are imaginative and creative in a rapidly changing world but who are also compassionate and caring.

It is no accident that the highest performing schools and school systems invent in the quality and development of their leaders and their teachers. It is clear that leadership makes a substantial difference to organizational performance and outcomes. In summary, leadership matters, it makes a great deal.

The Institute of Educational Leadership is pivotally positions in Asia, which is fast becoming the global economic hub, to make a significant contribution to the quality of leadership development. The IEL team are committed to serve the region and the country by supporting leaders who work in a local, national and international context.

The IEL team invites you to link with our Institute and to join our international community of scholars to share ideas, research and practice.

We invite you to join us and to make you leadership matter!!


Professor Dr. Alma Harris

Institute of Educational Leadership
University of Malaya

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