Professor Dr. Chua Yan Piaw



Dip. Edu. (UKM); B.Sc(Hons)(Chem&Maths)(UPM); Master Science (UPM); PhD (Pedagogi/Psychology) (UPM)

Area of Expertise:

Educational Technology and Media Social Sciences; Educational Psychology Social Sciences; Education Research Social Sciences; Psychological Methodology; Design and Analysis Social Sciences; Research Methodology and Statistics Social Sciences; Academic Book Writing Social Sciences

Dr. Bambang Sumintono


Senior Lecturer

Dip. Edu. (Chemistry Educ.) (IPB, Bogor, Indonesia); B.Ed (Chemistry Educ.) (UT, Jakarta, Indonesia); MEd (Educ. Admin.) (Flinders University, Australia); PhD (Educ. Policy) (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)

Area of Expertise:

Educational Administration; Educational Policy; Research Methodology; Psycometric; Rasch Modelling

Dr. Corinne Jacqueline Perera


Senior Lecturer

B.A. (Hons) Music (Middlesex Univ. London); MBA (IT Management) (Multimedia Univ, Cyberjaya); PhD (Educational Leadership) (Univ. Malaya)

Area of Expertise:

School Leadership Research; Atlas.ti for Qualitative Data Analysis; Rasch Modelling for use with SPSS Parametric Tests; Mixed-methods Research Analysis

Dr. Kenny Cheah Soon Lee


Senior Lecturer

B.Sc (Applied); Med (Mgmt) (UM); PhD (Educational Leadership) (Univ. Malaya)

Area of Expertise:

Pedagogy and Andragogy Skills Training; Risk management and Legal Issues in Educational Leadership; Teachers' Efficacy & Student Behaviour Management; Organizational Behaviour (School Structures, Systems and Culture); Qualitative Research & Analyses with ATLAS.ti

Dr. Siaw Yan Li


Senior Lecturer

BSc (Human Development) UPM; MSc (Educational Psychology) UPM; PhD (Educational Psychology) UPM

UM Expert Link:

Area of Expertise:

Special Educational & Child Disorder, Child & Adolescent Development and School Achievement, Personality & Psychosocial, Parental & Family Development, Research Methodology (SPSS, SEM)  

Dr. Donnie Adams


Senior Lecturer

B.Ed (Hons) Guidance & Counseling (Unirazak); PhD (Educational Leadership) (Univ. Malaya)

Area of Expertise:

Leadership in Special Education; Educational Policy; Research Methodology & Statistics in Social Sciences (SPSS & Atlas.ti); Mixed-methods Research Analysis 

Last Update: May 16, 2017