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Leadership has been defined as the ability of an individual to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of an organization of which they are members (House et al., 2002). To be highly effective in leading an organization, a leader needs to have leadership knowledge, skill, communication and other related capacities.

There are those who believe that leaders are born. However, previous studies (e.g. Chua & Ling, 2014) have rejected the proposal that leaders are purely born. Our experience leads us to believe that there are leadership capacities in each of us that can be developed and further enhanced through effective learning, training and leadership practices. This believes are the foundation behind the establishment of the Institute of Educational Leadership. Institute of Educational Leadership was established with the aim to prepare and enhance the effectiveness of educational leaders from different types of institutions, locally and internationally.

We are committed in producing Leaders who are equipped with knowledge, skill and quality, to enable them to lead educational institutions efficiently, besides being able to perform educational research with relevant research methods and data analysis techniques.

The Institute of Educational Leadership offers the Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership and the Masters of Educational Leadership programmes.  Since its establishment in 1999, more than 600 students have graduated. We pride ourselves on being global-minded and internationally diverse. This is reflected by a student population of nearly 17 nationalities. Through the programmes, students will learn about the latest theory and model as well as latest research methods in educational leadership studies. Besides that, students will have the opportunity in learning the process of writing and publishing their articles in our high quality peer-reviewed research journals and internationally renowned peer-reviewed journals.

The Institute of Educational Leadership (IEL) also offers the IEL workshop series, where students will be exposed to techniques on preparing their theses and dissertations for their post-graduate studies. The workshop series serve as a platform for students to learn about latest approaches of conducting qualitative, quantitative or mix-method research and analysing the data using data analysis tools such as ATLAS.ti, SPSS, Smart PLS and AMOS, etc.

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Institute of Educational Leadership
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